Shape Correction Levelers

Machine Concepts Gen III Precision Shape Correction Levelers

The Gen III leveler will correct shape defects such as coil set, cross bow, edge wave, center buckle, etc. in continuous strip or sheets. The result is very flat material.

The Gen III leveler is utilized in many strip processing applications: Cut to length lines, press feed lines, coil to coil slitting lines, and continuous process lines such as roll coating & pickling.

The Gen III leveler is a well-engineered high end quality leveler with many advanced features. Besides being very effective with the leveling process the machine is very rugged and durable with longevity, reliability, and ease of service a priority. Even the base leveler has work roll modules that are easy to change and clean.

Machine Concepts provides levelers with single size work rolls, or cassette style levelers with interchangeable large and small work rolls sizes. With the cassette style leveler the material gage range can be expanded considerably. Also with the cassette style, cleaning and service is much simpler because the rolls and backups are accessible off line.

One of the many options that Machine Concepts has to offer is AutoFlat®, a patented process that reads the strip shape as it is leaving the leveler and automatically adjusts the roll bending to achieve and maintain flat strip. AutoFlat® provides consistent flat strip even when the shape is difficult to see and shape changes through the coil.

Machine Concepts builds a family of levelers to cover a broad range of products with width range from 24” up to 96” and gage range from .004” to .750”. While Machine Concepts offers standard designs and configurations we are noted for custom applications that meet special customer requirements.