Robotics is an essential part of making production as efficient as possible.  Whether the robot is used for an operation, such as deburring or measuring, or if it is used for material handling, Machine Concepts has the experience and knowledge to make the robot work for our customers.  Machine Concepts can help our customers with everything from mounting the robots, designing and building end effecters, to programming and integrating with adjacent equipment.

Machine Concepts is here to help our customers with model changes that would require modification or redesign of the end effecter.  Even if the models only require programming changes, Machine Concepts is more than happy to help with our customers' needs.

Machine Concepts has the software to simulate our customer’s robot cell and preprogram the robot prior to installation or modification to an existing robot.  This will reduce the downtime of production to make the required changes.

This robot was designed to move a casted part to a deburr station and remove flashing. The end effecter is equipped with a parallel gripper and an air motor with a deburr bit, so all operations can be done with one robot. After the deburr operation is done, the robot places the part on a conveyor.

The robot on the left is an existing part-handling and deburr robot. The robot on the right was no longer used in the plant and had been moved to this cell to speed up cycle time during the deburr operation. Both robots deburr at the same time and were programmed to avoid interference in all motion scenarios. (Also see video)

This photo shows a robot cell that does critical measuring and grades the part for assembly.

This is a small robot that is integrated into a stand-alone machine. The part travels in on a conveyor and a slide table presents a single part to the robot. The robot places the part on a rotary device, and the robot is equipped with a blade to cut excess rubber off while the part is spinning. Then the robot places the part on a conveyor to exit the cell. (Also see video)